We made it!

We successfully made it to Vienna! We arrived exactly a week ago, so I wanted to put up an update on how some things are going, and what you have to look forward to in some upcoming posts I’ve already started working on! It’s also been quite some time since my last post with all the chaos that was going on leading up to the move, but fear not! I have not forgotten I have this blog 🙂

When we arrived, we didn’t have an apartment, but we did have a place to lay our heads. The Vienna Biocenter (where Michael’s PhD program is) was able to give us a temp room to stay in for our first few weeks. We’re still there for now, but we’ll be kicked out on the 23rd, so we need to find an apartment pronto… And we have! We are currently in the process of making it all official, and will be moving in on Sunday. I’ll dig more into our new space in an upcoming post.

In the mean time, we’ve done some German learning, and have been spending a bit of time being tourists, which is, of course, more fun than learning German. When we were here in January for Michael’s interview, we did some touring around, but not very much, and I had more free time than Michael. Since arriving this time, we’ve revisited a couple spots we really liked (Stephansplatz), and checked out some new places (the Prater). Here are some of the places we’ve been checking out this last week:

Michael and me in front of the Upper Belvedere.
Michael and me in front of the Upper Belvedere.
  • The Belvedere Palace
  • General wandering around the 1st district (old Vienna)
  • Stadtpark
  • Stephansdom
  • The Prater
  • Natural History Museum
  • Hofburg Palace & Gardens


While going around to all these lovely places, we’ve been learning more specific details about the Vienna transportation system (which is wonderful, by the way), like the differences in types of tickets (zone 100 vs zone 111). We even saw some ticket enforcement! I assure you, this was not a firsthand experience. And yesterday, we successfully purchased our one-year Vienna travel passes (Jahreskarten)! More later on how one gets around this fantastic city.

With all the fun we’re having, there are still two big items to take care of: setting up a bank account and getting a phone plan.  Kind of big deals, right? Well, there have been two major road blocks in accomplishing these: 1.) lack of an address and 2.) lack of–or conflicting–information. What it all boils down to is this magic piece of paper called a Meldezettel, which you need before you can do pretty much anything (but not everything?). This is supposed to be done basically immediately (but maybe not?) and has to do with registering with the city (state? country? some body of government…). This, however, is different than residency (which we have to do later? But maybe don’t…).

As you can see, it’s all very clear. This will be something else I’ll dig into a bit later. Maybe when I figure out more of it myself…

Finally, (in no particular order) here are some upcoming topics I’ll be blogging about! In addition to the ones I alluded to above 🙂 As you’ll see, some of these are coming from the backlog of topics from before we moved…apologies!

  • How to manage money in two countries at once
  • What I’m going to be doing here
  • Celebrating our departure
  • How we moved all our stuff
  • What it’s like living at the Biocenter
  • My personal favorite places in Vienna (some I’ve already mentioned!)

I hope you continue to follow us as we figure out how to live in Vienna; I’m sure it will be entertaining!

Bis bald!

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